Information about how we like to travel

Information about how we like to travel

In case you are wondering about our travel style…

We pick the most affordable flights.  We only bring carry on luggage.  We use public transportation when needed otherwise we walk.

For the first part of our trip we are trying AirBnB for accommodations to save money.

We assemble many of our meals which means lots of cheese, fruit, bread and wine.

Our aim is to travel for a year and hopefully not run out of money so we are doing a few tours but mostly we are exploring on our own.

Our splurges are so far cappuccino every morning with a pastry.  We have been walking so much and eating just one big meal for lunch each day I have been referring to our regimen as our “Roman diet and training” but I fear the pastries each day will undo our gains!  Perhaps I will be able to resist… next month!

This is some kind of pasty from Naples. It has an orange cream inside and has a layered phyllo dough style crust.  It looks like a clam!  Yum.