Rome February 2016

Rome February 2016

Rome is a great city for walking.  Public transportation is a dream.  We visited for 6 days and could have spent a month.  The 3 best experiences I had included an early morning tour of the Sistine Chapel plus a tour of the Vatican Museums, seeing all the random fountains and art at every turn, and trying pizza in a small shop near our AirBnB.  Our room was on Via Tiburtino just East of Termini station in Rome.

The only bad experience was minor.  Brad and I got separated when boarding the metro on our second or third day.  But we were able to reconnect at the destination station.  All ended well but it was stressful for a moment.

Overall the beginning of our adventure has been really amazing.  I still can’t believe we are doing this.

Wandering the streets of Rome February 2016