Craft work on the road

Craft work on the road

I really like a satisfying creative project. Of course this is not always possible when traveling but I managed a quick project that had great results.

About a year ago I needed a slip to wear under my dresses for work. I bought a great silk slip from Dharma Trading Company. It was stark white and very comfortable. When packing for my journey I brought this slip with me to work as a night gown. It is super light weigh and comfy so it is really perfect.

Well of course the slip is over one year old and I thought the stark white didn’t look as good as it had originally, so I decided to stain it with tea. Here are the steps I used

Steep black tea for about five minutes. I used loose tea and a soup pot. I wanted to have enough tea to provide a good stain. Sort of a light carmel color.

I strained the tea into a bowl and added my washed wet slip.

I let it soak for about forty minutes stirring occasionally.

When it seemed like the right color I washed it by hand and let it dry.


Tea stained slip

I realize it looks pretty wrinkled but we are traveling and ironing my sleep wear is not a priority.  I love the color with my silk robe which also packs well and is very light weight. 
This was a fun and successful project that I completed while traveling and every time I wear it I feel happy with the results!


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