First Impressions the AirBnB experience

First Impressions the AirBnB experience

Long term travel requires considerable planning.  Of course one of the first considerations is budget. Accommodations are typically the most expensive component of travel. Every day we must plan to sleep someplace. We decided to try AirBnB for the first leg of our trip. That means three months of stays in people’s (strangers) homes.

My first impression is that the hosts are very open friendly and enthusiastic about their community. They have been very helpful in providing great information about how to get around, where to find the market and they have provided maps as well as walked us to the locations we have asked about.  We have only booked private rooms so far, no shared rooms for us since we are a mature couple. We have enjoyed private bathrooms as well as shared bathrooms and it is not an issue.

So far in Italy we have found the beds to have a bottom sheet and no top sheet. Fortunately we brought a silk sleeping bag liner with us that works really well as bottom and top sheet so we are set. It packs really small and weighs almost nothing. Silk is cozy and light and feels nice against my skin so it is working well.

I think of things continue to go this great with AirBnB we will keep booking with them. I like the interface, I can select the priorities then search which for us has been a private room in our price range with wifi and a kitchen. I can also search based on location which is key because I don’t want to stay too far from the train or the city center. We walk by and large so being far from the main attractions would be a drain financially, time wise and also a hassle.

We may elect hostels or something else down the road but for now this is working.


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