Naples Italy February 2016

Naples Italy February 2016

When we arrived in Naples at the train station it felt very hectic and chaotic compared to Rome.  Naples seems like a big thriving city with lots of street vendors and small shops ready to do business.  After Rome it was a bit of a surprise.  However our accommodations were in the historic center which is quite different from the rest of Naples.  The streets are narrow and it feels very old timey.  Every corner seems to have a really old church and there were lots of vendors and street musicians.  I thought it was absolutely charming.

We likely should have spent more time there but we didn’t know anything about Naples really before we arrived.  We selected the location because we planned to visit Pompeii and wanted to be close, both Brad and I were really happy with our stay.  My favorite 3 things about Naples include the old alley ways that beg to be photographed,  the fancy pastries, and the walk ability of the historic center.

The only downside for me was the massive amount of graffiti everywhere.  I like graffiti by and large but in Naples there seems to be layers and layers of it and no effort to remove it.  On a medieval church or building it is out of place and takes something away from the experience for me.


Historic Naples is lovely


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