Pardon, can you please tell me what’s on my plate?

Pardon, can you please tell me what’s on my plate?

Brad and I are not big foodies and of course much of our plan for long term travel includes preparing our own food. But we do typically eat one meal per day at a restaurant. Usually lunch. We selected lunch as our main meal because we start to get hungry at about noon and after a big lunch we don’t normally need dinner.

We learned pretty quickly in Italy the restaurants are open until about 3:00 pm for lunch but there is almost nothing available between 3:00 pm and 7:30 pm. You can get pizza or similar deli or fast food but honestly I tired of pizza pretty quickly.

In Vienna we had a couple of surprises with our meals. One day Brad ordered roast beef and it came with a side dish that was delicious called semmelkren. This dish is made from broth, bread and grated horseradish. It looks like mashed potatoes but tasted different of course.  Actually describing it it sounds kinda gross but I really enjoyed it.

On another occasion Brad order a dumpling dish that seemed a lot like macaroni and cheese with bacon and onion on top. This too was really delicious.

I stuck to more typical dishes like schnitzel. But it was fun to be surprised. Of course I always asked what the items were if I couldn’t figure out what we were eating. One day in Vienna I asked about the soup which was perfect, hot and salty with a fresh flavor and just a bit herby. The waiter let me know it was chicken soup!  Ahhh to be a tourist. Chicken soup indeed!


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