Trieste Italy February 2016

Trieste Italy February 2016

We did stay in Venice but I am really behind and I can’t seem to think of a thing to say about Venice except that it was amazing and beautiful. Also I feel confident everyone already knows about Venice.

Trieste is north east of Venice and is a neighbor to Croatia, and Slovenia  and is very near Austria. In fact Trieste was a major port for Austria so the food has a definite Eastern Europe influence.

After seeing Rome, Naples and Venice, Trieste was a really nice break from the “big” tourist areas. Of course it has fewer tourist type stops but it does have plent of fountains and piazzas. Over all it was very pretty and super walkable.

Highlights included the tram which runs to the top of a really steep hill, St Guista Castle, Castle Miramare and the Grotta Gigante a massively huge cave.

The Grotta Gigante was especially interesting because I am reading the Lord of the Rings and Frodo and his crew had just escaped the mines of Moria (minus Gandalf ) so it went well with my book.

I do want to point out that we walked mostly except to Castle Miramare to which we took the bus. To figure this out we asked the information booth professional at the train station and he was super helpful and really excited to give us good info. Then the bus driver got off the bus with us once we arrived and walked with us to show us the park entrance.

I think we have these experiences all the time because Brad is a super friendly guy. I am quite sure if I were on my own this wouldn’t occur and honestly it happens over and over everywhere we go.

We also visited a couple of museums while there and that was pretty fun. At the Sartorial Museum we enjoyed a guided tour of which we were the only two participants. I guess they only offer guided tours of the former home of a local important family. It also included entry to a nearby museum which featured the history of Istria. I found it interesting but also in Italian so it was hard to get all of the meaning. Overall both museums including the guided tour cost 6 euro each. I thought this was a super deal and a great way to spend the day.

A fountain in Trieste


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