Vienna, Austria February 2016

Vienna, Austria February 2016

Brad and I decided to stay for a week in Vienna. Original we planned to visit Salzburg but it seemed like it would be rainy so we switched our plans. Since it was not really a planned visit I really didn’t know what to expect.

I am really glad we visited. Vienna is a spectacular city. Super walkable with tons of amazing architecture and lots of museums. We didn’t use public transportation really at all just to get to and from the train station. Our AirBnB was in the city center, the “First Disrrict” and we stuck to this area entirely. There was so much to see and do!

Highlights were the 15 euro library museums ticket. We visited the Ephesus Museum, the Armor Museum and the Musical Instrument Museum. After a quick lunch break we headed over to the Fine Arts Museum which we found out was also included in our ticket price.  This was a big surprise. It was massively huge with a ton of art. I think a person could easily spend three days really exploring the art in this magnificent building.

While we visited we saw a large collection of Rubens, Brugel, Titian,Monet, Manet,and Rembrandt paintings to name a few. In addition to the many famous artists there was a collection of Egyptian and Near East art, tons of amazing sculpture… I could go on and on. It was a great bargain at only 15 Euros.

We also visited the Belvedere summer palace. Thank you Klimt!  They have a fantastic exhibit right now of Klimt, Schiele, and Kokoschka. I found the art moving but the commentary from the models and the feminists of the day was particularly interesting.  Much of what the women had to say about the women’s movement holds true today.  I wish I would have spent more of my time studying the women’s movement. Ahhh perhaps the future.
The Beleveder winter palace offed modern art and it was equally delightful. We really enjoyed the use of light and reflection in a historic space. It was so different from what we enjoyed earlier in the day but really a fun way too conclude a long day of museum visits.

I don’t know that I needed to spend more time in Vienna, we were there five days and six nights.  If we had stayed longerI know I would have loved it but I am very happy we visited here. It has so far been one of my favorite stops.

The Armor Museum was one of three stops at the library. This is one of perhaps 30 or more displays of armor in a massively huge building. Brad and I were two of about ten people we saw all day at this stop. We were by and large utterly alone. Awesome and a bit weird.


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