Budapest March 2016

Budapest March 2016

Brad and I were super tourists in Budapest!  I think we hit all the major tourist attractions.

We used public transport more in Budapest than in other cities we have visited so far. It’s pretty big and I didn’t want to start my sight seeing with two mile walk.

As far as the metro goes we had no issues. I had read that sometimes they spot check your ticket so you must make sure it is validated before you get on the train. We never had any issues.

The train station in Budapest is pretty spectacular. It seems like much of it is unused but it still is very lovely and old and pretty neat to see.

Here is what we did-

City Park and Szechenyi Baths plus Heros Square and Vajdahunyad Castle and museums plus the towers.

Fishermans Bastion plus the entire palace area and Buda Castle

Momento Park

We hit the thermal baths twice and frankly if it were a bit more affordable I would have gone each day. It is quite delightful.   We learned our lesson after our first visit and brought our own towels and left them in the locker. The first time we rented and dragged them all over the spa with us so we could keep an eye on them and get our deposit back. That was a pain.

My favorite things about Budapest are the thermal baths, the easy metro, the affordable dining and of course the cheap beer.

Brad and I took an evening off and I  popped over to the fast food take out next door to our apartment. The ladies working there didn’t speak English but the customer behind me helped translate. It was again a great travel experience. She was excited to learn I was from California and wanted to know if it is hot there and if all the people are nice. She said she thought people in Budapest weren’t so nice. I disagreed and let her know we think Budapest is lovely and the people are charming. Which seems true for all the places we have been so far.

As far as fast food goes we normally avoid it.   But we needed a break so we did opt for fast food a couple of times.  Mostly it is similar to the United States in that it is awful. Brad brought home a meal in a box. It arrived in a Chinese style take out box with meat on the bottom, French fries in the middle and salad on top. Also some sauces were in there. It was kind of a mess and not good but we ate it anyhow because we were hungry and travel weary. Later we had a few drinks and climbed the ladder into our loft bed!  Booze and ladders and middle age.  Hmmmmm what a combo…but it worked out, thank goodness.


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