Considering transportation plus a bit about Brac, Croatia

Considering transportation plus a bit about Brac, Croatia

Brad an I have been planning to visit Greece soon as part of our travel adventure. Greece is on Brads top ten list of places he wants to explore and of course I too want to see as much of Greece as we can over a five or six week period.

We thought we would just fly or train out of Croatia to Athens but it is turning out to be more difficult than we hoped.  After a lot of research we tried to book one of the few flights out of Dubrovnik to Athens but we couldn’t get the website to work with our credit cards. I understand that the credit card companies want to avoid fraud and certainly booking an international flight when traveling  should be a red flag. After trying all morning we gave up and settled on a very lengthy bus trip.

We had used a couple of travel websites that offer transport options and estimate cost.  For much of our trip they have worked well but in this instance both offered options that didn’t really exist. The apps were Rome2Rio and FetchMyWay. They are similar and offer nearly identical pricing but the fact is they both offer estimates of what might be possible with cost estimates versus what is actually possible.

We learned that we have to be flexible and sometimes travel is challenging. For example if our bus rides work, we will travel by bus for about 20 hours and hopefully find accommodations about half way through so we can rest. Bus travel is pretty comfortable by and large but they don’t always have great seats and sometimes no bathroom and often they are too warm or too cold.

I will be glad to arrive in Greece. I hope we can get in some beach time!  So much of our travel this winter has been cold and bundled up. Although I don’t relish the idea of a bathing suit I do like to be warm on a beach.

Here in Croatia we took a ferry and a bus to the best beach in Croatia on the island of Brac. It was mainly very rocky with pebbles  and no sand at all. Of course coming from California I was a bit disappointed but it did feel really good to warm up in the sun. It might have been all of 60+ degrees  give or take but it was still really nice.

I liked the bus drivers in Brac. They waived at all the pedestrians on the road and other drivers. We listened to 1960s ish American rock and roll and they were excellent drivers on very winding roads. Brac was lovely overall except the pizza place by the bus stop charged us about $4.00 American money each for beer when everywhere else we have paid about $3.00 American for two beers. This was the bus stop in Bol so be aware of the tourist pricing if you visit.


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