Eggs in Europe so far

Eggs in Europe so far

Cooking eggs has been a real budget saver for Brad and I. I fry or scramble eggs many days to fill our bellies in the mornings and it works really well to keep us full for hours. The other day I even soft boiled eggs which was actually more difficult than I thought it would be. But they were delicious.

In California the grocery store eggs come in two varieties. Affordable with very anemic yolks and no flavor. I think of them as industrial eggs, or beautiful cage free hand raised chicken

eggs which run about $7.00 or more a dozen. I have found great eggs that are delicious with deep yellow orange yolks at the Japanese market in Mountain View for about $5.00 a dozen, but at the Mountain View farmers market they are getting about a dollar an egg. Here in Europe so far the eggs are are really great. They have deep orange yolks and they have a really a delicious flavor. Cost wise they are pricey but not as much as eggs in California. I guess they are in between. In Italy eggs are sold in containers on the shelf not refrigerated and they don’t clean them off so I wiped them off before cracking them using running water and a sponge. In Vienna they were super clean like eggs in California and they were in the refrigerator. In the Czech Republic they were not cleaned but refrigerated.

Mainly I have two points here. Eggs are a great meal and eggs in Europe are so good!  I don’t believe I will ever raise chickens but thank you to the folks who do and do a good job of it.  I don’t think I will buy industrial eggs again. I don’t see the point.

Also the oranges in Italy were incredible.


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