Korcula, Croatia March 2016

Korcula, Croatia March 2016

Korcula is a really small island in Croatia. Of course it is also really pretty. The down side of traveling in the off season is that many of the services we would enjoy are not available until the “on season”. This has come up in the smaller towns and when trying to book travel.

For example in Split we found a sushi restaurant that was not yet open for the season. Also flights and ferries don’t run all the time. In Korcula we would have happily rented a scooter to check out the island but alas no scooter rental was available for us. So because the town is so small and we easily walked the whole thing in a day we were left with little to do.

Even the Marco Polo museum was not open when we were there. Korcula claims Marco Polo was born in a house there so the fact that it was not open in the off season gives you a an idea of how shut down the town was.

But it was pretty and we took some photos. Not much else to say about it.



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