More about transport

More about transport

Brad an I are working our way towards Dubrovnik from Split. The idea is to get closer to our goal of Greece eventually and also tour around a bit.

We had originally planned to visit to the lovely island of Korcula (supposed birth place of Marco Polo) and get there via ferry. Unfortunately the ferry we thought to take left late. At 4:30 pm. Pretty late in the day but okay because we found a luggage storage place. Then Brad found a ferry leaving at 10:30 that landed on the other side of the island so we would only have to take a hus after the ferry and we would arrive much earlier than the late afternoon ferry option. Sounds good right?

We we left our AirBnB apartment dropped the keys in the lock box and immediately remembered our umbrellas were still inside the apartment. We remembered because it was raining when we got outside.

Oh well.

At the ferry ticket station they let us know all ferries had been cancelled out of Split due to high winds.

Brad smartly suggested we take a bus to another location south of Split and try to ferry from there.

We hopped on a bus heading for Zaton Doli. We figured if we could get there we would find a ferry to Korcula. On the bus Brad asked the driver if this would work and he offered an alternate option which we liked.

At a town called Ploce we hopped off the bus in to the pouring rain sans umbrellas. We then bought our ferry tickets and off we went. The ferry left about 30 minutes after we arrived by bus. At the ferry port in Tripanj where we landed we hopped off in to the pouring rain and immediately jumped on to the only bus we saw which fortunately was going across the peninsula to Orebic. The exact place we needed to go. Bus tickets are available from the bus drivers by and large so we paid on the bus. At Orebic we tried to buy our ferry tickets but had a hard time finding the ticket counter. By now there is a hard driving rain coming down and the ferry is scheduled to leave in five minutes.  I suggested we buy tickets on the ferry just like we did on the bus. Brad agrees and we run though the pouring rain and puddles to get on the ferry. The ferry ticket master lets us know that in no way is it possible to buy tickets on the ferry. So Brad drops his bags and runs at high speed back to the ticket office area. I let the ferry ticket master know I would get off if Brad doesn’t make it back in time.

But Brad does make it and by now we are both soaked and our luggage is soaked too. The ferry ride takes approximately 10 minutes.

We land in Korcula and arrange a pick up at the local bar to get us to our apartment. Before we finish half our beers our ride is there helping us with our luggage.

Looking back on everything it is crazy it worked at all. We nearly missed at least one bus and one ferry. We completely relied the info from the bus driver and it totally worked. Remarkable!

I would not want a re-do of that experience but I am glad we had it and that it worked out.

Korcula seems pretty but also very small I hope it is worth all the crazy effort to get here.


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