Packing a carry on for all manner of weather

Packing a carry on for all manner of weather

Brad and I left for our travels in winter. February 1 in fact so we knew we would definitely experience a lot of different weather over the first three month period. Since we  only use carry on bags my plan was to pack for cold weather planning on layering my clothes. This has worked pretty well I think. But there is a down side to layering. I have been wearing one outfit mostly because it works well and offers the most comfort. But it is a lot of clothes. It has been cold almost everywhere we have visited. At least cold compared to what we have been used to, living in Mountain View California where it is routinely about 70 degrees.

We have been getting progressively colder as we go along   Rome was about 50 degrees and rainy but by the time we reached Vienna it was about 40-45 degrees and here in Prague it has been snowing some of the time so between 30 and 40 degrees.

My strategic outfit has been as follows-

One pair of silk long John bottoms, one pair of flannel leggings, a mid calf tulip skirt over the top of this and two pairs of socks with my boots.

For my top half-  one tank top, one sweater, one thermal hoody, one light weight parka, one rain jacket, one chunky scarf and a chunky knit hat to top me off.

All the photos of me look like I am a mountain. Sort of pointy at the top and gradually expanding towards the bottom. But it works in the cold!  Sadly on my other vacations I am always in the same outfit in photos. I thought for Europe I would try to look cuter with more outfits but it hasn’t worked that way here so far.

The down side to the layering strategy is any time we have gone indoors it is very hot. They really crank up the heat inside here and when we enter a restaurant we have to “strip”. It is an amazing amount of clothes that must come off and it is super challenging if instead of sitting down for a meal instead it is a short trip to the bathroom!

The other issue I have had with layering is that my long johns cling to my flannel leggings and restrict my leg movements somewhat, which is no biggy when walking the city streets but we tend to go for stair climbing…a lot. So far just in Prague we have hiked to the top of 6 towers!  This is likely hundreds of steps climbed perhaps even a thousand or more. I asked Brad if he thought it was a thousand steps and he said “oh easily” so I am not exaggerating.

Ahh the petty gripes of a traveler, well in a few weeks I will be in Greece where it might be in the upper 60s or even 70 degrees. I will post a blog about the hot hot heat when that time arrives!

So much clothing!!!


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