Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia March 2016

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia  March 2016

When we arrived at the park it was snowing. I thought it was pretty exciting and we had checked the weather before we left and knew it would be cold so we were prepared. Prepared in that we had our layering option ready to implement the minute we got off the bus.

I am a big fan of the mountains and forests so Plitvice was a real treat. Just like being in Lake Tahoe.  We hope to return since several of the trails were closed during our visit and it seems that the lakes and waterfalls are just a portion of the area that can be explored. Even on the bus ride up we saw an amazing town called Rastokes. The waterfalls run right through town. Of course we wished we would have had a chance to explore there but there was no time.

We are still just figuring out how to get into a groove with traveling. We want to see everything but we also want to take time to reflect and write or think…we are considering longer visits this summer in amazing areas in Eastern Europe so we can focus.

The past six weeks have been typically 4-6 hours of walking around sightseeing or travel days and about every 5-6 days a complete day off where I sleep and read and Brad writes or works on the computer. The pace is kinda hectic if we want to be creative. I am not sure if we will adjust and add on creative work, or if we will change our schedule to accommodate more creative time…being at Plitvice made me think how nice it would be to have an extended visit anywhere and paint or write or draw…

Plitvice has a lot of amazing waterfalls that just run over the hills and land all over the place. The park has wood plank trails that come right up to the falls in many places and it is really lovely. Also this time of year it was a bit intimidating with the raging torrent so close. It is so beautiful I can’t describe it. Also not similar to any thing I have seen before. The park is well maintained with lots of hiking trails, not just the ones around the lake.

We took the bus there but our host said it is better to drive if you want to see more. It is remote and I am unsure how often the busses run. So perhaps a car is best.



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