Prague Czech Republic March 2016

Prague Czech Republic March 2016

Prague is crazy beautiful. I had heard it is a great city to visit and I felt sure I would love it because so far I have really enjoyed every place we have visited. I just didn’t know that it is so pretty.

Brad was excited to see the Charles Bridge and I had no feelings about seeing a bridge at all. But I admit it was pretty spectacular.  The view of the river with the city backdrop was stunning. I also enjoyed looking at the many swans in the river and flying over head. We also strolled this area at night and the reflections on the river from the well lit buildings was fantastic.

In Prague Brad and I decided to climb to the top of all the towers. There is a church tower, a clock tower, an observation tower on a hill in a park, a tower on either side of the Charles Bridge, and a tower close to the shopping district. We didn’t climb them all in one day. Thank goodness!  Six towers in one day would have been too much for me. What was really nice is that each tower offered a different view of Prague and each view was totally worth the fee. The cost to go up a tower was 90 Kronor so about $4.00 (USA dollars ) give or take a few cents except the observation tower and the clock tower they were more but still affordable. It was also very good exercise.

For me the top things in Prague are –

Pints of beer that cost the same as water in a restaurant, terrific views from the towers, and the changing of the guard at the palace. I also like the architecture, the hot wine and the affordable dining options.

I didn’t care for the dumplings which come with many meals. In this instance the dumplings are like sliced bread, only bread that has been boiled instead of baked.

Another down side of Europe in general are cobble stones. They look nice but they are not comfortable to walk on. My feet pretty much hurt all the time because of all the walking and the cobble stones add to this pain, also you really have to pay attention. Slipping and tripping can happen. When we were in Prague it snowed which was super slippery plus the snow made it hard to see the cobblestone sidewalk. Ughh. Another cobble stone gripe… Not fun with a rolly bag.



This is a view from the main tower on the Charles Bridge.


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