Split,Croatia March 2016

Split,Croatia March 2016

Brad and I had an apartment near a flock of peacocks when we visited Split. I really enjoyed watching them and I also liked their calls. They sound like the zoo. Also kinda like a loud cat “meow”.

But Split has other nice things to offer besides peacocks. We stayed in old town near Diocletians Palace. I really liked how they dealt with the palace. Basically they have an open air market with in the walls and a green market immediately adjacent.

In many towns we have visited so far people live in apartments within the walled cities and Split is no different. I always think it is strange that people live within really old structures.  Diocletian built his retirement palace in 305 AD. Now near the bell tower there is a restaurant where you can chill outside with a cup of coffee on the warm stone steps.  Weird and delightful.

There is no fee to walk around the palace area and you will see really old walls and many apartments and shops. It is lovely.

Brad and I spent more on dinner in Split than in any other destination we have been to so far in all of Europe. $76.00 American with out tip. To give insight, we have been enjoying one restaurant meal per day typically lunch for about $30.00 American with tip. So this was a big spend for us. But the meal was very good and it was fun to do a tourist meal with a couple of glasses of wine. However we didn’t return to the waterfront tourist restaurant during our stay.

I mentioned wine and I do want to say one thing. In Trieste, Italy and here in neighboring Croatia the red wine has a nice black pepper taste. It is so delicious and distinct. I can only imagine there is something about the climate here that gives the grapes a subtle black pepper flavor. I have been thinking about the next time I am mulling wine I think I might add a bit of fresh ground black pepper to it.  Yum!


A Split peacock

Things I really enjoyed about Split are the open air and green markets where I bought figs, nuts, fruits, and bamboo socks and Brad bought magnets. I liked eating two orders of nachos at Bistro Toc. Oh how I would like a real California burrito or sushi or a great burger…I liked Diocletians Palace and the view from the bell tower there.Split is a real tourist town. I bet when the cruise ships arrive it is un-fun. I am glad we arrived at the tail end of winter.  It was pricey in some cases and I can imagine what it is like with a bunch of tourists all over. That scene is not for me, I like the museums, a nice walk the park and similar.


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