Travel plus technology

Travel plus technology

Brad and I have been relying on technology pretty heavily since we left. I use my iPod for nearly everything and Brad has been using the laptop a lot for his photo work/editing so we are connected everyday.

Since we are traveling without phones I have been taking screen shots of maps and directions so we can find our accommodations. We also surf the web for information about buses, metro, trains and now that we are in Croatia, ferries.

Recently when we were in Zagreb the laptop crashed. Not the end of the world but certainly inconvenient since we must move photos off our digital cameras on a regular basis.  We ended up finding a computer repair place and they were able to help us. Brad was thrilled with the help we received and the pricing. A place called analogBIT. The guy who helped us was Mario. Brad asked that I let the world (AKA my family) know about this place because he was so happy with the service.

So yesterday my iPod froze up. For me this is a real problem. It has been our go to for all directions, booking accommodations, checking pricing for transport, communications with our hosts, posting blogs, checking weather, and converting currency when we are running around. You can see all the apps I use on the resources page of my website.

I admit I was pretty annoyed thinking I may have lost that piece of equipment but fortunately we were able to get it to hard boot and that fixed it.

I can’t imagine how people were able to travel before all this easy access via tech and the web. Likely it took much more planning time. It would seem much more intimidating I am sure. Nearly everyplace we have visited in Europe has wifi so we are online a lot. It’s not always good or fast but mostly it seems fantastic.

The other tech that is important to me is my Kindle. I think I have the first model. No bells or whistles but many books. I read a lot so it is nice to have material with me. I love my Kindle and have never had any issues with it at all. I hope it lasts another five years.

Anyhow my main point is that while tech can be a burden it has more often been a real time saver and I feel lore confident with my iPod handy.

If you are planning to travel check out my resources page to see the apps I am using while on the road.


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