Capadokia, Turkey May 2016

I love cities occasionally but wow do I love being in the country side! Capadokia pretty much had everything I want when traveling. I will touch on each point.

Quiet. Capadokia didn’t strike me as a huge party town. It was pretty shut down by 10:00 PM. I imagine this might be because people visiting are getting up at 4:00 AM to enjoy a balloon ride over Capadokias beautiful and alien like valley’s or because they spent the day hiking within the lovely valleys and now need a rest.  On day one we were up at 5:00 AM to take pics of the balloons and we were late!  But we still got some great shots.

Idyllic scenery. Well idyllic may not be the best term. Capadokia is like another planet. Strange rock formations create a striking landscape that is unique and really foreign to me. It is captivating!  We went for a hike through “Pigeon Valley”. It was really pretty and the bird songs were abundant. We ran into a couple of farmers on the way. One mature gentleman gave us directions, explained that he was growing carrots, potatoes and other stuff. Then he said he would help us when we come back his way – when we are lost. Later when we were lost we didn’t go back, we went up to the road. But he was right we did get lost. It was nice to know we had a resource if we needed it.


Super friendly people. We felt so welcome in Capadokia. We stayed in Gorme which was perfect for us. Very central and the whole town has many “Fairy Chimneys” throughout. We stayed at the Hidden Cave Hotel which is right “downtown”. The best experience was at a neighboring town of Ucisar where a young woman asked us to “camera”. I told Brad “She wants you to take their picture.”  But in fact she wanted us to pose in a photo with her family.  So we posed with three women ranging in age, older, very young woman, and girl. It was pretty funny!  They had another friend there who took our picture street photographer like in that she was trying to be sly. We were like super celebrities. It was weird and fun.

Walkable. Again we walked everywhere.  I have no idea how big the town is actually but I think you can walk every street in half a day easy.  Also the vendors were super low key and I really liked that.

Not everything worked out for us though. On our “rain day” we decided to visit Dirinkuyu a cave city within an easy his ride from Goreme. We picked the rain day because we wanted to be inside out of the rain. Fortunately we arrived in time to enter the cave just as the rain started pouring, but it was so crowded we couldn’t move through the passages. It was pretty stuffy and kinda creepy, I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone with claustrophobia.  I was really relived when Brad suggested we leave. But of course it was quite a down pour once we got out.  We visited on a Saturday so we think it was also crowded due to the regular day off for the locals.

I want to double mention our hotel. We have been staying at affordable places by and large and our stay with Hidden Cave Hotel was affordable but also really nice. They had an amazing breakfast each day with an abundance of Turkish offerings. I was really happy with how clean our cave room was as well. It seemed like a total luxury.

I would go back to Capadokia and definitely would recommend.

Love Valley



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