Ancient Olympia, Greece May 2016

Ancient Olympia, Greece May 2016

Ancient Olympia is a great site plus a super cute town!

The site is well laid out and it is really easy to get around. It’s quite flat so there weren’t as many hilly paths to deal with and the town seems really dialed in for tourists.

We really lucked out because it rained the whole day when we were driving in and then but cleared up for our morning visit. About the time we made it to the museum it really started pouring down rain so we avoided getting fully drenched. The rain clouds made for really great photos so that was fun!

Included in our 12 Euro ticket was the historic site visit, the Museum of Archeology and the History of the Olympics Museum. We skipped the History of the Olypics Museum because our hotel offered a tv program with similar content that our host suggested we watch before our visit the next day. It was informative enough for us.

We did see quite a few tour busses while there so keep this in mind when making plans. I imagine it will be very crowded during high season.

The local restaurants have the typical Greek offerings at typical prices so you shouldn’t be surprised if you have spent any time in Greece at all.


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