Athens, Greece March 2016

Athens, Greece March 2016

Athens is a thriving city. It was so different from the old timey and quiet coastal towns in Croatia we had just visited it was really fun to be back in a metropolitan area.

Brad and I were super tourists again which we love to do when possible. Overall Athens is pretty small and walking it is very easy. We only used the metro from the airport and to get to the ferry port on the way out of Athens on our last day.

My favorite things in Athens were the tortoises that hang out everywhere, the street performers, and the delightful warm weather. Oh and also all the old historic sites of course.

What I didn’t like was the non stop all night partying noise. We were just off Monistaki Square near the Acropolis and it settled down at about 5:00 or 6:00 AM. It was just really noisy especially on Friday and Saturday nights. I guess it is just not my thing I like to have a nice time but I definitely like to sleep at night and see the sights during the day.


A tortoise in Athens


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