Corinth, Greece April 2016

Corinth, Greece April 2016

Corinth is located just south of Athens, on the north part of the Peloponnese Peninsula. It has an isthmus which seemed pretty neat to see and it has a couple of really fantastic historic sites.

Brad and I decided to stay in the Old Town area in Corinth. We almost always head to the old towns first in any city we visit because the always have a lot to see, are typically walkable, and also have great places to eat. Of course Corinth was no different, except that the old town is about three blocks long on one street but that was just fine for us.

We planned to visit the archeological site of Ancient Corinth, the castle up on the hill out side of town and also see several bridges that cross the isthmus. We had a super tourist day and managed all three in the same day.

As far as historic sites go both Ancient Corinth and the castle were really great. We started very early at the Ancient Corinth site and left about the time the tour busses showed up! Yay…

We then headed up the hill to the castle. Entry is free which I loved and I am not sure how many visitors it gets. We were alone much of the time there. It’s pretty steep going up the ramps to the entry way. They have retained the stone pathway from the beginning of time so it’s super slippery. If you go where shoes with good grip or take your time. It isn’t far to get full into the castle but it is very steep over uneven pathways that are slick so don’t give up because once you’re inside its pretty great.

Brad and I hiked to the top, enjoyed amazing views and this time of year really lovely wild flowers.

The isthmus was fun when we were lucky enough to see one of the bridges submerge so a couple of sail boats could go through into the channel. Total happenstance we were there at the right time. It was fun to see the mechanism and when it came back up there were fish flopping on the bridge, which totally makes sense when you think about it but it suprised me!

Brad started to go out on the bridge to save one of the fish but it flopped around until it found a way off on its own. I am happy it did because I wouldn’t  want to see a fish run over by a car. That doesn’t even make sense to me.


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