Delphi, Greece May 2016

Delphi, Greece May 2016

Delphi is situated on a hill overlooking a beautiful valley and the sea. Of course much of our time in Greece has been spent in the countryside so the location isn’t a real surprise but it was really pretty. The location is about two hours or so from Athens so it was pretty busy with tour groups.

The historic site itself is pretty small but the ticket includes a good museum so it took us about half a day to see the whole thing.

I guess people hike up to the town of Delphi from the port city of Itea. It looked to me like about a four a five mile hike. I am sure it would be really nice and there is a public bus that will take you back or I guess if you hike down hill it takes you back up to Delphi.

The town is cute and we enjoyed lunch with a fantastic view of the valley.

Since this was near our last stay in Greece we did a bit of souvenir shopping. We met a very nice lady who sells her crocheted metal art in her shop. The designs were unique and she was really proud of her hard work. Some of the larger pieces were displayed in frames on the shop walls and I really liked them. Her shop name is “Art Studio” or “Studio Art”.  Although there was no actual shop signage so if you go you will have to look for the shop with crocheted metal art work!


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