Dubrovnik, Croatia March 2016

Dubrovnik, Croatia March 2016

Dubrovnik, yes please.   I loved it in Dubrovnik.  As has become typical I was not prepared for my visit in that in knew nothing about Dubrovnik. I imagined a big coastal city with smog and tall skyscrapers. As it turns out Dubrovnik is really a charming old walled city on the coast. It was also famously used to film the popular cable tv series Games of Thrones and was was as the series town of Kings Landing. Who knew (perhaps everyone)?

The city is really pretty with the central street at the base of a valley and quite steep side streets on three sides.

Dubrovnik was much more expensive than other parts of Croatia so be prepared for pricey meals and lodging if you go.

My favorite things were exploring all the fun alley ways, walking the city wall which took a few hours and left my legs tired from all the stairs, and a day trip to the close nature preserve island of Lokrum which has it own population of peacocks and an inland sea which looks nice to swim in.

The not so fun things included high prices, and really quite steep climbs up so many stair cases due to the whole town being really just three hills with the port at the end of the main road. Again with my gripe about tired legs. In my defense we are walking a lot. At least 5 miles a day and often up and down hills so my legs get tired after a few days.

I think Dubrovnik was the first place we actually warmed up a bit. Except our boat ride to Locrum which was coldthe days were sunny, warm and delightful. It was really nice to lose the leggings under my skirt. So much freedom of movement!  Ahhhhh.


Dubrovnik, Croatia

More peacocks


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