Githio, Greece May 2016

Githio, Greece May 2016

From Monemvasia we decided to drive down the coast to see a ship wreck just outside of the town of Githio.

The drive was really fun because we came across a large heard of goats in the road and had to wait for them to clear, then a little way down the road we were able to see the Dimitrios.

Apparently (according to the World Wide Web) the Dimitrios was a merchant ship possibly smuggling cigarettes in the Greece, Italy, and Turkey region.  When it was found out the smugglers may have set fire to the cargo, and later it was detained at the harbor in Githio. It then had a bunch of mechanical issues so it was towed outside of the harbor, then rough seas happened and the ship got loose and floated to an amazing beach nearby where it came a ground and since then has been abandoned. This happened in 1981 and there it sits all rusty and picturesque.

So many goats, so little roadway.

We went back to the beach for a beach day during our visit and it was amazing.  Soft white sand, not really remote or secluded but certainly not organized, so not as attractive to the beach going set I guess.  I loved it!

We arrived in Githio on Good Friday and had the benefit of watching the Orthodox Church procession from the balcony in our guest room. It was quite nice, lots of candles and a drum beat to establish the pace. Then a couple of days later at midnight Easter morning many people lit off firecrackers. It was very enthusiastic. And a bit surprising.

Beyond the great beach and fun shipwreck I can’t see why anyone would visit Githio.  It is nice but not a real attraction as far as I can tell.


The Dimitrios


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