Having support while traveling.

Having support while traveling.

We are at home (Portland Oregon) for a quick visit with our most important people…mom, kids, granddaughter, other family and friends.

It was very nice to have a break from travel for a few days. We planned this year long journey with family breaks built in ever 3 months or so for a lot of reasons  I am really glad we did, having other people to talk to was really nice for both Brad and I. We get along really well so far, but we have had just each other to talk to for 90 days so it was fun to chat with others.

Also it was nice to eat typical American food like sushi, gluten free spaghetti, Del Taco tacos and burritos, delicious homemade nachos, homemade chicken soup, and potato salad. Yum. Its not that I don’t like the food when traveling but I did get tired of Greek salad and souvlaki.

Speaking of support, Brad left his wallet at my daughters house right before our flight out to San Jose California. We were fortunate that my son in law offered to bring it to us at the airport. It would have been fine without his credit cards of course. I have credit cards, but it is really stressful when you reach into your pocket and realize you don’t have your wallet.

A few years a go I left for Portugal on a business trip and while I did have my wallet, I didn’t have any of my credit cards. Before I left I decided to leave behind the unimportant cards like my Jamba Juice gift card and library card…I got distracted right in the middle of my card sorting and left my credit cards on my dresser and brought all my unimportant cards with me. I was pretty surprised when during my layover at Heathrow that I had no way to pay for my snack at the shop near our terminal.  It worked out because I was with my boss so she paid for everything and I paid her back when we got home but it was pretty embarrassing and awkward to ask for help.

Without my bosses understanding and without the help of my son in law as well all the family and friends who generously let us stay with them traveling would be much more difficult. We were very lucky our flight was delayed and Brad was able to get his wallet delivered. We would have figured something out but with family support we didn’t have to.

I am really grateful that we have such generous people in our life.

We are now off to Jordan, Turkey, Eastern Europe and the U.K. Good times!

We even enjoyed a parade when we were home complete with marching bands and giant soap bubbles.


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