How the food tastes

How the food tastes

I noticed immediately when in Rome  how lovely the oranges tasted compared to what I am used to in California.

Maybe because I am traveling and everything seems more obvious I am not being fair to my homeland. But I don’t think so.

Here is what I have noticed-

Eggs are delicious with rich yellow/orange yolks

Oranges taste floral and tangy /sweet

Almonds taste like almond extract in that they have a flavor. I would never eat almonds when I lived in California because they taste like styrofoam packaging peanuts but here in Europe they taste amazing. Sort of floral and sweet and really aromatic.

Oh, we bought a package of raisins and they we really delicious. Again they had a floral quality and a nice texture. Soft and moist.

Feta cheese in Greece. Yum!  When we first arrived our host suggested we visit the local market and mentioned that they sell feta cheese and I thought “I couldn’t be forced to eat goat cheese”. In California it is pretty disgusting tasting really, super gamey…but here in Greece the feta is really nice. It has a pleasant cheese flavor, it is not at all gamey, it has a really nice texture too. It is really delicate and not too salty. We are having a Greek salad at almost every meal and I am far from “over it”.  Surprisingly I am really enjoying it.

The butter tastes really good. It tastes like cream. Not like packaging or salt or anything like that, just nice like cream.

Okay when we first arrived I lost my mind over the cappuccinos. Now we don’t have one or two everyday. But in the beginning it was a real treat. All that foamy milk.

Some things aren’t an over the top taste sensation, for example beer. Mostly all the places I have ever been offered a local lager that is very similar to all the others lagers I have ever had everywhere in the world.

In Trieste and in much of Croatia the red wine had a lovely black pepper note. So delicious.

Many of the places we have visited have their own version of a super sweet liquor. I have avoided drinking it because I don’t like headaches. But from what I have smelled mostly it’s a sweet anise flavored booze.

Also of course I am not eating gallons of Nutella, but I admit to having one Nutella crepe the other day and frankly in the heat it was too much sugar, but also delicious.

I hope when I return I can recall the flavors and figure out how to enjoy feta, raisins and peppery red wine.


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