How we made it to Athens

How we made it to Athens

A couple weeks back I wrote that we would likely bus from Dubrovnik to Athens via Montenegro and Albania but that seemed like a poor choice so we studied our options once more.

Here is the thing bussing from Dubrovnik via Albania to Athens is a problem because Albania has no regular bus stations or stops apparently. I just wasn’t sure abut taking a ten hour bus ride then trying to find accommodations then trying to figure out where to catch the next bus. In fact from what I have read it is also pretty tough just to rent a car and drive in Albania due to the highway conditions and frequent stops by the police. I also learned that the busses in Albania only leave when they are full, they have no set schedule, and if they don’t fill up they don’t go.

Having learned all this we checked the ferry options. Which included a 10 hour ferry to Bari, Italy a bus to  another Italian port just down the coast and a ferry to Greece from there. Unfortunately the ferries only have limited service in the off season so it was not possible.

So we were back to researching flights. Many airlines also offer no flights in the off season to Greece. We finally found an expensive but good flight to Athens via Munich. That’s right we flew from Dubrovnik to Munich then to Athens. It seems crazy to me but that’s how we had to do it. It was $550+ US Dollars. Almost as much as our round trip flight from California to Europe and back.

This is not the first time we had trouble getting to Greece. In 2012 we wanted to go from Bodrum, Turkey to Rhodes, Greece. Again we were traveling off season so we ended up having to ferry to Kos, Greece then overnight there then ferry to Rhodes and do it in reverse on our way back.

But we are now in Greece. Yay!  And we are still having trouble getting around with off season ferry  service. Oh well.

At the Acropolis


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