Man saves tortoise, has karmic result

Man saves tortoise, has karmic result

Recently Brad and I were speaking about Karma. Something we both believe in but understand/experience differently.

I always think of Karma as a big picture kinda thing where if you try hard things will go your way and if you don’t try they won’t. I never think of reincarnation when I think of Karma but I do see how when living now, generally, when you have right thinking, right motivation, right speech, things in the here and now are better for yourself and for those around you.

Brad told me when he has Karma it is super immediate.  For example if he behaves poorly or is kind he sees the result within a short time like minutes or so.

I don’t really believe Karma works in this way but I must admit I had a really good example of Brads mighty fine Karma today.

Recently we rented a car to explore the Peloponnese Peninsula in Greece. We read a lot about the area and car rental seemed like the best possible way to get around. And this is true. It’s pretty much the countryside so a car seems like a must. Anyhow… Along the way we have stopped to allow the occasional tortoise cross the road. No big deal, there is little traffic and it seems like the right thing to do to just stop, put the flashers on and wait for the little guy or gal to make its way to safety.  The cars coming from behind just go around, the tortoise pulls it head and legs in to wait and when the coast is clear the the tortoise carries on.

Today we were kinda lost trying to find our way from Nafplion to Monemvasia. We were driving around the town of Niata trying to figure out our way.  Not all signs have a kind of English translation. Sometimes they are in Greek with Greek letters which we can’t read at all. So we were a bit turned around.

We don’t have phone service so we often just screen shot our destination, but in Greece for some reason Brads Google map works…sort of. It will show where we are on a map, but we can’t put in a destination and map a route. Believe me it is better than nothing because when you go the wrong way you can tell pretty quickly.

Anyhow we were driving around  Niata trying to figure out which way to go when Brad suddenly pulls over and says  “I gotta move him.”  I said, “What?”

Brad got out of the car and picked up a little tortoise and headed off down the street to relocate it. He was gone for a while and when he returned he said “I had to find a good place with shade and also where it wouldn’t be trapped behind a fence.”

I let Brad know where I thought we went wrong and where I thought we needed to go, so off we went. Shortly after we were driving again we stopped to fuel up. The gas station owner asked where we were going and we let him know we were off to Monemvasia. We showed him our Google map and he said okay, filled out tank, took our money and said bye.

He then said what I imagine is,  “Wait one moment”, but in Greek. He came back and said a bunch of stuff in Greek about our path. I showed him our Google map and he said in Greek a bunch of stuff then he said,  “Follow me.” also in Greek but somehow Brad totally got what he meant and we followed him.

Off we went back towards Niata, right past the place Brad saved the tortoise from a surely horrific death by car smash, OR a really long walk on asphalt. Past the town and onto a lonely county road.

We drove speedily around tight curves past olive tree farms to a small dirt road just as curvy. We sped along this dusty stretch for a brief time and then back on to the highway we followed.

The gas station owner pulled over, pointed the way straight up the road and said Monemvasia.

People are pretty amazing. We have often experienced the generosity of strangers. This gentleman drove about ten miles to show us the way to go. Because he is a nice person. We were grateful and thanked him.

I imagine this was an example of Brads very specific Karma at work for him. Brad helped a tortoise find its way and the gas station owner helped us find our way.



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