Mykonos, Greece April 2016

Mykonos, Greece April 2016

Mykonos, Greece…No Thank You!

Well of course it was lovely, but it is also tourist trap. Not my cup of tea.

Too many higher than acceptable prices. Also not enough going on when we were there to justify the rampant  over charging.

I’ll not return and when asked I won’t recommend.

Nearby Delos was delightful. Just a ferry ride away and one can visit a really nice historic site. Watch out for reduced ferry schedules in the off season. We only had about three hours and the site is really large so it could easily take a full day to see. Also double check the cost for the site ticket. We were quoted 5 Euro but it ended up being 12 Euro (similar to everything we encountered on Mykonos).

Bottom line is I would not go out of my way to visit Mykonos again and while I enjoyed the nearby island of Delos it doesn’t offer enough for a special trip that stands alone without its unfortunate neighbor Mykonos.


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