Nafplion, Greece April 2016

Nafplion, Greece April 2016

Nafplion is a charming coastal town on Peloponnese Penisula in Greece. It has a little bit to offer for an overnight or two but for long stays you would be challenged to find enough to do.

While there Brad and I  found a delightful boutique hotel which is a hit of a change. We experimented with AirBnB for much of our first couple of months and for a variety of reasons it has worked well but now that we are changing locations every couple of days it seems easier to just find a place once we arrive. I have no idea if this would work in the high season. I guess we will find out this summer if we continue to do it like this. It’s so much easier in a way to just roll into town and ask “how much?”, versus all the research we have done with AirBnB. I would use them again but I am glad the experiment is basically over and we are doing it differently. For now.

In any case back to the subject of Nafplion we visited the castle on the hill in town. 999 steps to the top and spectacular views all along the way. The site takes about one or two hours depending on how slow you are or how often you stop. We also drove out to Epidevros one day. That is also a really nice historic site with a great theater. We saw lots of wild flowers and of course the drive through the country side was fun. Overall both sites were really great.

Nafplion must have a lot of high end travelers coming through because service levels were higher than what we have seen elsewhere in Greece. Specifically, cloth napkins and table clothes, and no complimentary add-ons to a meal (bread, water, dessert, raki which is the Greek “moonshine”). They charge for everything but the prices are fine and the service is great too.

The old town where we stayed is is cute and the water front is also really charming.

The three things I really liked about Nafplion was the hike to the castle on the hill, the pretty old town, and the excellent service in the restaurants I visited.

I didn’t like not being able to park.  Like any tourist area parking is tough to find. What a drag.


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