Santorini, Greece April 2016

Santorini, Greece April 2016

Santorini was really lovely. We elected to stay in the town of Thira A.K.A Fira.
I don’t totally understand why many places have one,two or more names for people, places and things, but on Santorini at least when I said I Thira the bus driver said get on this bus to Fira.  I said okay and it all worked out.

We have been in really lovely places all along the way of course.  But Santorini was mesmerizing. For fun we hiked across the island from Thira (Fira) to Oia (Ia). It’s about 7 miles if you go straight at it. We took a few detours and it worked out. I think we hiked about 8.5 miles when it was all said and done. Towards the end I was crazy cranky from the heat and because I was hungry and we had to pee outside most of the way which is a total pain as all the ladies know.

I am so happy we are here in April. It was kinda hot but mostly dry.  In the middle of our walk there was lots of open space, and dusty hiking trails. I can imagine doing this walk in August or September would be much too warm and uncomfortable. Also likely crowded and ther are no facilities at all for about two or three miles in the middle. No doubt Brad would correct this to be one mile, but really who cares if it is one mile or one hundred miles? No toilet is no toilet and I wouldn’t want to have to squat on a hot trail with 1500 other tourists walking by. It seemed un-fun as it was as lonely as our trail was…

Brad and I are companionable so a 7-8 mile walk is actually quite nice. We had really amazing views all along the way of the sea and the Caldera. Lots of uphill which I guess Brad likes a lot and I really enjoyed being on a trail by and large.

Right now in much of the areas in Greece there are lots of wild flowers blooming and that was really nice…so pretty.

After so much city walking which is often uphill on cobble stones or steps being on a dusty hot trail seemed like a nice break. Because we are traveling in the off season we have been alone much of the time and the hike was no different. Just Brad and I with no crowds. I really enjoy that.

We also rented an ATV again to check out the beaches, ruins and island and that was really fun. We ended up laying out on a black sand beach in Parrissa which I enjoyed. We also went to the historic site of Ancient Thira which was fun too plus we stopped by a hill top monestery and bought wine from the monks. They were very chatty and helpful. Plus there was two cats there for Brad to pet. One had been in a fight I guess cause it was missing an eye.

In a future post I will go over how Brad wants to pet all the dogs and cats we come across.

The three top things in Santorini were the views, the views and the views.

I didn’t care for walking past all the donkeys which are on a set of stairs that goes down to the old port. I am not super comfortable walking behind animals that can kick hard hit it has to be done. Also the donkey poo is smelly and plentiful on the walk. Ewwwww.

By the way our place in Santorini was one of the best yet. Nice comfy bed and a really good shower. Many of the showers in Europe so far have been not great. Mostly the hand held variety. I have no idea how to use one…how can I wash with one hand holding the shower all the time?






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