So many cities, such terrible recollection

So many cities, such terrible recollection

Brad and I are nearing the end of our first leg of travel. For all kinds of reasons we have elected to come home every three months. Now after two and a half months of travel in six countries and many, many cities I have an admission…

Often I don’t recall immediately where I am. I would love to admit this is only when I wake up at night but often it’s simply when I am chatting with Brad or planning our trip.

Today I was trying to figure out which seas are on either side of an area we are visiting on the Peloponnese Peninsula in Greece and I thought “Okay that is the Sea of Elefsina”.  Which may or may not be a sea at all, but it is certainly at least a gulf.  Sadly  and more to the point I then thought “Oh on the other side is the Sea of Crete”.  Which makes no sense at all. The Sea of Crete is obviously near Crete… a nine hour ferry ride from where we are.

I am sure it has to do with changing bases every couple of days and perhaps a bit of travel weariness. It is funny mostly but sometimes disorienting.  Often I have asked Brad “Where are we?” Or “What’s this town called again?”

Twice now we have had loft style sleeping arrangements and had to climb a ladder to get to our bed. So far so good, neither Brad nor I have fallen down the ladders. And many of the places we have stayed have had a sizable threshold going into the bathroom and I may have only stubbed my toes twice in three months…I mention this because when I wake at night sometimes I can’t recall where I am. Falling down a ladder or stubbing my toe seem like a likely thing to happen when I consider how tired I am and how weird it is at night when it’s dark. Oddly sometimes I think I am at my old home in Mountain View, CA.

It’s  hard to remember everything thing and I think remembering to climb down the ladder in the middle of the night is a priority versus remembering the town we are in when conversing with Brad the person I speak to every day. Almost exclusively.

I hate to think about someone asking me what I thought of anyplace I have been and not being able to clearly recall how amazing it was. I think I might just have to really try and also try to think of things that are specific so I can hold a conversation. I hope when asked I will do well and provide excellent insight.

We’ll see.


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