Also that happened June 2016

Also that happened June 2016

For about ten years or something I have been on medication for rheumatoid arthritis. I am doing well and the medication I use is really effective. For our year long journey I worked closely with my doctor, for over a year, to make sure that I was prepared to deal with my specialty medication while traveling. We talked about  strategies and I tried different medications to see if we could come up with a simpler solution. The medication I take is very expensive and requires refrigeration.

For my trip I bought a soft sided cooler, packed frozen ice packs, made sure I had a refrigerator everywhere we stayed and took extreme care to be sure on long travel days my ice and cooler remained cold.

Because the medication is so expensive and because my cooler is a carry on and pretty small I have planned to return home every 90 days or so to replenish my supply. By expensive I mean it’s about $3,200.00 for a one month supply. Yikes!  I am insured so that covers the cost but of course I am careful with my medication because I can’t easily replace it.

I think you can tell where this is headed. I gave my medication to the yacht captain to store in their refrigerator. I was very clear and said “In the refrigerator not the freezer”. Of course I should have checked it, of course I should have followed and made sure it was stored properly, of course I should have given instructions specifically to each of the crew.

But I didn’t and they put my medication in the freezer and froze it which makes it useless to me.

So here I am.  I am not totally sure how this will work out but I guess it will. I am only in Turkey for a short time before I leave for Romania. I can’t pay for replacement medication, it’s just too expensive. Also I am unsure if I can even get it here in Turkey or when I arrive in Romania. I am not willing to stop traveling at this point. I have invested too much in to this journey to let something like this stop me or even put on hold my plans.

I have an email out to my doctor. I hope he has a couple of simple solutions for me.  I read on the Internet about a woman from America who got her medication  shipped to London.  Maybe this is something I can figure out.

So the thing about the medication I take is that it works really well. I am like all the other people who are about 51 years old. Not as spry as I once was but far from hobbling. With out proper medication I could be pretty set back, I was before I got treatment at the beginning of my illness many years ago.

I am sure I can figure it all out but I definitely felt pretty upset when I realized I lost two and a half months of medication.

I will keep you posted.


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