Amman, Jordan May 2016

Amman, Jordan May 2016

We didn’t spend a lot of time in Amman. Basically all the quick turn arounds long flights, time changes, and long travel days ended up leaving me with a head cold so we spent one day in after we arrived then on our last day (day two) we visited the ancient city of Jerash.

Jerash was about 40 minutes by bus from our hotel in old town Amman. It was a really huge site that was very well preserved.  We have seen a lot of historic sites over the years and Jerash is certainly one of the best.

At the Roman theater three Jordanian guys in military garb played bag pipes which was delightful but also kinda odd.

Amman overall had pretty aggressive taxi cab drivers. They really work hard to sell you a ride. We read on the internet that you should only take rides from official cab drivers and insist they use their meter but honestly I can’t see how to do this. Even the official cab drivers negotiate prices before hand and don’t turn on their meter. For us we just tried to think about the cost and if it seemed fair based on our experience in big cities.Overall Jordan was very expensive. We had sticker shock every time we bought something. But of course we have been traveling in Eastern Europe and Turkey which is super affordable. Still 10.00 US dollars for a can of beer is excessive. We just didn’t drink there.

Sadly I don’t think I will return to Jordan. It was hard to get to, and expensive. Even though Petra was great I guess for me it will likely be a once in a lifetime experience.


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