Antalya, Turkey June 2016

Antalya, Turkey June 2016

We decided to stay in Antalya for a couple of days before we moved on to Fethiye where we will go on a cruise.

I enjoyed Antalya, it was pretty low key after several busy travel days so it was really nice to relax for a change. We stayed in old town, as always, so the neighborhood was charming. We stayed near Hadrians Gate at the Otantik Butik Hotel. I really enjoyed our time there and also was surprised by the restaurant which offered really nice cuisine. Not just traditional Turkish cuisine but also really nice international fare. We ended up selecting a nice salad, salmon and wine which they pared with a delightful cheese board. Wonderful!

While in Antalya we walked the old town and bought towels and a bathing suit for me then we headed to the beach. We went to Lara Beach about 45 minutes by bus from old town. The first time we went we enjoyed “Sandland” an open air exhibition of sand sculpture and we also spent time on the beach and day two was just beach day. We rented a cabana for about 15.00 US dollars and spent the day swimming and relaxing. So great!

If I had more time I would go back to Antalya and see the waterfalls, enjoy more of old town and definitely go back to Lara Beach.


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