Bucharest, Romania June 2016

Bucharest, Romania June 2016

It was really nice to be back in Eastern Europe. Everything seemed so nice and familiar.  Like many of the European cities we have visited, Bucharest has a “ring road” at the center and the city is divided like a pie. Each pie slice in Bucharest is a “sector”.  I think this makes it pretty easy to navigate.

We stayed just on the outskirts of the old town. The location was great with old town being a real highlight. It is so interesting to see the old and beautiful buildings right next to very modern buildings and also the Soviet style architecture. It mad for really fun picture taking and exploring. Old town was a happening area with a lot of bars and plenty to see and do.

We also visited the Parliament building which is the second largest office building in the world. It was pretty interesting. They only allow guided tours so you have to wait around before you can go in. Fortunately they have a gallery you can browse through while waiting.
We also did a day trip out of Bucharest to see the countryside and a couple of “castles”. The Peles castle was the summer home of the King. It was very swank and plush and in a nice location in the hills.  I would have enjoyed a full tour there but we only had time for the first level. It was pretty spectacular. We also visited Bran castle in Transylvania. It was just ok. I have seen photos of it that make it look amazing but from where we were it was just okay. I suspect good marketing is what made this place have a tourist draw.I really enjoyed Bucharest but it was 97 degrees while we were there so I guess I would go back but perhaps at a different time of year.


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