Craters of the Moon National Monument, Idaho 2016

Craters of the Moon National Monument, Idaho 2016

Brad and I are visiting quite a few National Parks, Forests and Monuments on our road trip.  Our first stop was at Shoshone Falls near Twin Falls, Idaho and then later that day we visited Craters of the Moon National Monument.  Both Brad and I agree that Craters of the Moon is a terrible name for a national monument, but the site itself was pretty fun.  I have visited Volcano National Park in Hawaii in the past so Craters of the Moon seemed similar, except that we were in Idaho and not paradise, but it was fun non the less.

We had a great time walking the trails there and I especially liked the trees there.  Many were quite twisted and had gnarly trunks.  We hiked to the top of a big black sand covered hill and had a great view of the impressive valley.

The drive through Idaho didn’t get interesting until we approached this area.  Mostly it looked like Nevada, desert with lots of tumble weeds, but as the highway heads east towards the mountains the scenery becomes really pretty.  Mountains, blue sky and fluffy clouds.  Living in the Bay Area, I think we almost never see clouds.  Just blue sky, or fog so I think all of our photos will be pretty amazing with the added feature and the effect the clouds have on the light.

Here is my big gripe about being back in America.  Internet access is really pretty bad here.  When we were in Europe, Turkey and Jordan we were able to get free WiFi almost everywhere we went.  Typically we would go to a cafe or lounge, purchase a coffee or beer and use their WiFi.  Bandwidth was rarely an issue.  So far in America when traveling we have run into the issue that WiFi is not available at all and when it is available it is low bandwidth.  I am not able to upload photos on my blogsite, but Instagram seems to work OK so that is what I am doing for now.  I guess I was spoiled for a while!

You can visit my Instagram account @wanderlustsal


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