Fethiye, Turkey June 2016

Fethiye, Turkey June 2016

Not knowing anything at all about Fethiye I was unsure what to expect. When we arrived by bus the town seemed pretty unimpressive. Of course bus stations are often like this. We were in town for just a sort time before we boarded our cruise and left for a week, so I can’t really remember where the bus station is!

After the cruise we first stayed at a guest house operated by V-Go the yacht company we used for out sailing trip. It was included in our cruise price. It was nice with breakfast included. They had a pool and a bar plus dinner was available. The location was a bit off and of course I booked a place closer to our favorite part of any town “old town” for the rest of our stay.

First of all Old Town Fethiye is fantastic.  Shady pedestrian streets for shopping dining or drinking cold beverages is what this area offers. It is absolutely charming. We spent quite a bit of time walking around and checking things out.

We walked up to the tombs on the hillside which was easy and fun. Of course we have seen a lot of historic structures and these were okay. They don’t compare to some things we’ve seen but they were nice.

We took the mini bus to the beach had lunch and laid in the sun for a while.I have to say I love Turkey. I will be sad to go. I wish more Americans would consider traveling to this lovely and varied country.  I don’t think we have come across any other Americans while we were here in the past 5 weeks or so. The vendors ask if we are Australian, English, or from Canada so I guess they don’t see to many Americans either.  It is really ideal for newer travelers if they want to have a really foreign experience but also have a lot of people around who speak English. Visits to the country side and big amazing metropolitan areas are possible. The food is good, the people are friendly, and it is very affordable. Pretty much one of my favorite countries to visit.

Okay back to Fethiye… We visited Saklikent Gorge today and it was pretty fun. The minibus ride took an hour and a half each way so it definitely is outside of town.  They have a bit to offer there mainly walking in an elevated path up to a rest area and then for those who remember their change of clothes a walk through the river up to a waterfall. I didn’t bring extra clothes so I decided not to wade chest deep in the river, but Brad did and will likely post photos on his blog.

We did enjoy a nice lunch by the river and while Brad walked up the gorge I relaxed on a riverside lounge. It was uneventful but nice.


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