Gros Ventre Wilderness, Wyoming July 2016

Gros Ventre Wilderness, Wyoming July 2016

Gros Ventre wilderness is really close to Grand Teton National Park.  We decided to stay there instead of in the park proper because we thought we could easily get a campsite later in the day, versus having to get to a campsite before 9 in the morning.  Surprisingly this plan totally worked!  First you should know that Gros Ventre is pronounced “grow vaunt”, although we didn’t talk to anyone about the name while we were there, so I am not sure why it really matters.

This was our first actual camping on our road trip, and it went really well.  When we were in Portland we invested $32.00 in an air mattress and foot pump and it was money well spent.  We were super comfortable.  Knowing that we have several weeks of camping coming up I am really glad we decided to commit to the air mattress, I imagine we will be able to actually camp as much as we planned with this luxury.  The campsite itself just had a bathroom with toilets and sinks, no showers, so that wasn’t as nice as it could have been but oh well-I don’t mind really.

Our strategy for meals while camping is coffee (instant coffee with sugar and heavy cream) yogurt, cheese, fruit if we have it, and salami or turkey meat.  We then have lunch after we have hiked at about 3 PM at a restaurant or deli, no dinner normally, just a snack if we need it.  This is the same strategy we have used since we started traveling, and it is working especially well for camping, it really reduces the amount of food prep and clean up work we would have to do.

On our drive to the camp ground we came across a herd of bison, and we also saw deer, prong horn antelope, and we had regular visits from little pikas, a kind of squirrel animal that lives in the area.  They were super cute.

We hiked near Jenny Lake during our stay, it was pretty magical.  After our hike up to Inspiration Point we took time out to meditate and that was really nice, we also saw two female moose in “Moose Lake” munching on the plants that grow in the lake.  It is so unbelievably beautiful in Wyoming, even though we changed our plan I am very happy we are spending time seeing the west US.  Brad has said that he too is very happy about this.  We’ll see how we hold up after a few weeks of camping, but I think knowing is it will go really well.

Check Instagram @wanderlustsal to see a pic of the bison heard.


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