Gulet sailing cruise Turkey coast June 2016

Gulet sailing cruise Turkey coast June 2016

Okay a cruise is a totally luxury and not at all like what we have been doing for the past four months but when we visited Turkey in 2012 I regretted not going on a gulet cruise and I am glad we were able to get it in this time.

A gulet is a sailing yacht (schooner) that fancy people would use to cruise the coast of Turkey.  Of course I mean fancy people of the olden days. Now anyone can take a gulet cruise and sail the Turkish coast.  Our cruise had a Turkish family of four, six Germans, two Turkish sisters, a lady from London, a captain, a chef, a deck hand and Brad and I.

We were on a seven day cruise but they have a lot of options like three days or more or less. There are a lot of cruises available. We used V-Go Cruise.

The lady from London left on day two so Brad and I were the only native English speakers on board. It was odd not being able to participate in the conversations fully. I think it was a good experience for both of us. Of course Brad is really social so was more engaged in communicating than I was. All the travelers were really great.

At one point the other passengers asked about Brads hair since he mentioned he hadn’t had a hair cut in six months so I showed pictures of him from my phone at the beginning of our trip. All the ladies were really curious and also complimentary about Brads longer hair and beard. I also think he looks great.

Regarding the cruise they really don’t sail, they motor. We did sail one afternoon and it was pretty magical.  The yacht we were on slept 20 or so people and was really pretty.  Our cabin was at the back with a double bed and bath. Wood paneling and built in cabinets. It was just like you would imagine.

We spent a brief time most days motoring to a couple of locations to swim. That was about it. We stopped a couple of times at a port to shop or hang out. Pretty much just laid on deck until it was time to eat again then we would have a meal then swim. It was really nice.

I am really glad I decided to do this. It combined a lot of things I wouldn’t have done otherwise and it was just so nice. Of course now that I am on land I am adjusting to having “land legs”. It is a really weird feeling.


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