London June 2016

London June 2016

Obviously London is amazing.  We happened to visit the same weekend as their Pride parade so it was super busy, also the Brexit vote happened the day we arrived so there was a lot going on. But honestly London is such a big city, with many many tourists so I imagine it is always a busy place.

We only had a couple of days there so made an effort to make the best of our time. We selected an AirBnB near Covent Garden so we could easily walk around to the sites we wanted to see.

I thought the Tate Museum was pretty amazing. We only visited a small portion of the galleries because we had other plans the day we were there, but the modern art exhibitions we really appealing. The building is an old power plant so the architecture and interior were also quite interesting to me. There is an option to go up to the top floor for a scenic view of London but we skipped this since we had much to do that day.

In June they conduct the changing of the guards ceremony every day. We walked over to Buckingham Palace to watch and I can’t really recommend this activity. It’s crowded and pretty difficult to see the guards from any vantage point. The palace is nice though and there is a big fountain that was pretty. I also enjoyed the walk back towards Trafalgar Square through the the park.

We also visited the National Gallery which is a beautiful building and filled with historic art. Again because we had a big day planned we didn’t see everything there but I really enjoyed what I did see.

From what I can tell many of the museums are free entrance which I really appreciated because overall London was pretty spendy. We didn’t use the metro or busses because it was just too expensive. So we ended up walking a lot. Perhaps 8 miles each day. I don’t mind that at all I just keep reminding myself I am on a European fitness plan when I begin to feel worn out at the end of the day.

I am writing and posting from America so I can’t really post photos right now.  I am hoping I can get to a place to update this post with a few pics, but for now the internet is not good enough.

I do typically try to post at least one pic from each location on my Instagram account @wanderlustsal


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