We have a plan June 2016

We have a plan June 2016

About a week or two ago I blogged about a problem with my medication. Long story short, it got frozen instead of refrigerated and I had to toss it out.

I checked all sorts of options, like change medication, get it sent to our next destination, buy it internationally… Mostly all the options I considered seemed less than ideal or impossible. Both Brad and my daughter were pretty insistent that I stick with what’s working.  I was quite ready to forgo treatment until our regular return date in August.

So with that in mind Brad and I have decided to return to the US about 6 weeks early during our second “leg”. I hope to get replacement medication from the manufacturer, at least they said they would send it at no cost which is really helpful, as I mentioned I can’t really afford to replace it ( about $10,000 ) and Brad and I adjusted our plans so we will travel in the US and Canada for a while.

I feel quite sad that Brad is changing his itinerary because of my failure to follow up properly with my very important medication. Brad is like me in many ways in that he and I both are making the best of this new plan and are excited to see the western US and parts of Canada.

He seems okay with our new plan but I do hope he has seen all he wanted to see and feels satisfied with his experience. I can say for sure we will have a great time exploring our new destinations. I know this is true because of what we have done before.  Because we always have a great time.

I haven’t been to parts of the west US and am looking forward to Yellowstone, parts of Oregon and Washington, and of course Canada.  It will also be nice to take a break from some of the planning. We have changed countries a lot, so money, language, and transportation has to be learned each time. It’s not hard really, but it is something you have to do each time. Mostly in all of Europe it is really manageable, but in Jordan it was hard. Turkey was easy because we had been there before. And of course everyplace has it own way of doing things. And we have visited places where no English is spoken so that is an additional thing (stress).

Today we remembered to weigh our fruit and label it for payment when we were at the grocery store, but we didn’t know to do this for our candy. The sales cashier had no English, so when she was explaining that we must weigh our candy and label it, we just stared at her and said “No”. Finally the security guard helped us. Thank goodness!  I am sure we seem like very stupid people. But we don’t do it like that in California. We count on the sales cashier to handle the weighing and pricing of our fruits and vegetables and candy.

We are establishing an image of Americans everywhere we go. Sorry America!

Well this kind of thing comes up all the time. It isn’t the end of the world, it is really just several new skills that must be learned in each new city we visit. So far we have been to about 40 cities in about 10 or 11 countries in the past five months. So maybe a little break will be a good thing for me.  For sure in the US and in Canada I will be able to at least read the labels when shopping.

In the Czech Republic I bought liquid soap instead of lotion. Actually I think it might have been special liquid soap for washing “down there”. I don’t know, I just know it was foamy on my face, not lotion like.  So you can now understand (I hope from these examples) I am not complaining I am just explaining how I can feel a sense of relief even if I am changing my plan.

Anyhow most of the time we work together to understand what is being said. Brad is pretty good at “sign language” while I am pretty good at finding and interpreting signs. It works and it works well mostly but it is a constant effort.  Being sort of lost or turned around is familiar to me now.  Jay walking is something I avoid when possible but will do if practical. Sometimes even crossing with the light is quite hazardous in places we have visited. In California pedestrians have the right of way, but all the rest of the world it seems like you just do the best you can and hope you don’t get run over. Perhaps I am exaggerating a bit but you understand my meaning. It is all part of a big picture of needing a bit of time to relax and plan in a place where I don’t have to think about all the little choices so much.

Additionally and importantly I will be closer to home near my daughter who will give birth to my grandson in August. So that is a big relief for me. I had the planned it for a really tight timeframe and would have arrived the day before her due date. Now I will be very close should she deliver early, which reduces my stress level a lot. I want to be around when she needs me.

I plan to use my time back to prepare for our trip to South America this fall. We will be snorkeling while there and I have a little experience with this but I need to practice.

Ultimately,  I thought I might have a failure with the medication. I knew it was possible because we change destinations so often and because it requires so much special handling. I am sorry about the set back, but I think it will work out and frankly it bodes well for me that I can be resourceful and flexible when necessary.

Keeping my fingers crossed!


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