Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming July 2016

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming July 2016

Of course I did little research about Yellowstone before we decided to spend some time here. Having visited Wyoming in the past several time I just imagined it was similar to the Bridger Teton National Forest I have been in in the past.

Well naturally I was wrong. I thought it would be all about the wildlife hut actually Yellowstone has a really nice combination of wildlife, nature and thermal springs. Of course I know about Old Faithful but I wasn’t thinking that Yellowstone would be so flush with thermal springs and features. I really enjoyed photographing them and I think some of the best pictures of my journey so far.

When we arrived we were lucky to get a campsite. Most of the campgrounds are full and people line up to get a spot. We stayed at Norris campground and it really worked well. Yellowstone is so big that driving through the park from one location to another can take 30 minutes to an hour and we felt Norris was a good location, sort of centrally located.

Unfortunately it rained with thunderstorms the first two nights which was kinda scary and of course we had to wait for it to stop when we had to go to the bathroom at night.  On day two or three the ranger came by to remind us to keep our food and toiletries put away because they had a grizzly bear come through the campground. Yikes!  I am glad we haven’t seen any bears so far. I like to camp and hike and I like the wilderness but the animals can be scary. They have a video at the visitors centers that show people being attacked by bison and it is pretty scary. We just follow the rules and keep our distance and try to be aware.

Of course I feel like I have wild animal radar.  I am always scanning the terrain, and I have spotted many a tortoise during our travels. It’s an ongoing joke between Brad and I.

Check my Instagram account to see my pics @wanderlustsal.


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