Also that happened June 2016

Also that happened June 2016 For about ten years or something I have been on medication for rheumatoid arthritis. I am doing well and the medication I use is really effective. For our year long journey I worked closely with my doctor, for over a year, to make sure that I was prepared to deal … Continue reading Also that happened June 2016


Gulet sailing cruise Turkey coast June 2016

Gulet sailing cruise Turkey coast June 2016 Okay a cruise is a totally luxury and not at all like what we have been doing for the past four months but when we visited Turkey in 2012 I regretted not going on a gulet cruise and I am glad we were able to get it in … Continue reading Gulet sailing cruise Turkey coast June 2016

Capadokia, Turkey May 2016 I love cities occasionally but wow do I love being in the country side! Capadokia pretty much had everything I want when traveling. I will touch on each point. Quiet. Capadokia didn’t strike me as a huge party town. It was pretty shut down by 10:00 PM. I imagine this might … Continue reading