180 Days July and August 2016

180 Days July and August 2016

Brad and I were attempting the impossible on Saturday July 30, 2016. We left our hotel room in Bellingham, Washington pretty early. Lately our pretty early is unlike most Americans pretty early in that pretty early for us is about 8:00 AM (Okay honestly 9:00AM).  Our plan was to get on the road early and make it to Olympic National Park early enough to get a campsite.

We have had to incorporate hotel stays occasionally during our road trip for all the reasons you can imagine. Mainly a bed, hot shower and wifi. We also take advantage of the modern conveniences a town can offer. Like a movie, sushi or another kind of food you can’t get at a diner or assemble from a cooler/dry food storage from the trunk of the car.

Well we didn’t totally understand how to get to Olympic National Park so we just started driving. We ended up using Google directions which were fine but had us taking a ferry, which I didn’t realize until we saw the signs.  Ferry service is something we are used to after all the time we spent in Croatia and Greece. It is a fact of life if you want to get somewhere directly. Of course we didn’t have reservations so we waited in line. Actually it was pretty quick, we couldn’t get on the the first ferry but were able to get on the second. It was kinda weird to have a car on the ferry for sure, but it was definitely efficient. We floated from Port Townsend to Port Townsend which is confusing for sure and not some kind of alternate universe/worm hole/time travel situation at all, but just two port towns named the same name across the water from each other.  Hmmm.

All of this activity took a very long time. By the time we arrived in Olympic National Park all the campsites were full. Of course it was a weekend and also Port Angeles had some kind of boat races going on. Word to the wise, all national parks are super busy on the weekends during the summer and also by the way all the hotels in the nearby towns are also super busy. We had crazy sticker shock in general in America after being in Eastern Europe. We ended up finding a room at a bargain in a two star place that was clean but honestly at nearly $200.00 it felt bad.

Because it was Sunday when we drove across the park we were able to find a campsite no problem the next day.  But really this blog is about being on a trip with Brad for six months.

Brad and I started out on February 1, 2016 and haven’t spent a day apart since then. We talked about it and we both agree it is going well. Normally we are pretty helpful to one another and occasionally we get on each other’s nerves but mostly that is just when we are cranky.  Typically in the morning or when I am hungry or tired. No big deal.  Occasionally I get on Brads nerves when we are driving because I am a terrible passenger. I get nervous and react to situations I think are unsafe. But of course Brad is a good driver and doesn’t appreciate my reactions so that causes conflict. I find being in a relationship In my fifties very pleasing. We have few of the pressures of a young couple, especially since we aren’t planning a family. We are mature and flexible and we get along really well.

Later in August we will be apart for about two weeks or so while I visit with my kids and he makes his way to visit with his son and family in Southern California. He has wisely decided to have fun with his family while I wait for my grandson to be born and enjoy time with my family. I get distracted easily when I am with my kids so it makes sense that with my daughter getting ready to give birth he chose to enjoy time with his family. It seems perfect. But it might be weird for us to be apart since we have been joined at the hip for six months. We’ll see.


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