Ashland, Oregon August 2016

Ashland, Oregon August 2016

Every time we drive past Ashland Oregon I say to Brad, “We should see a Shakespeare play.”  Finally after several years we did it.

We decided to see Hamlet in the Allen Elizabethan Theater which is a delightful outdoor venue. Hamlet was fantastic and we had amazing seats right in the center 8 rows back from the stage. It was kinda spendy at $98.00 per seat but I think it was worth it. I cried when Ophelia learns of the death of Polonius and I cried at the end when every one dies which proves that either it was a good play or that I am a big cry baby.

We stayed over night at Jacksonville Wellsprings opting for a campsite. The hot springs pool and hotter adjacent spa were okay. Not really hot enough to get the full hot springs effect and the tent camping was a bit too communal for my taste but it was really close to the theater so it worked for us. With the high price for the tickets I thought $35.00 for tent camping was fine.

Brad worked on his karma by supporting local street people and by helping a lady he met in Starbucks move her car. She had trouble backing it up while on a hill and was worried she would bump the car in front of her.  Brad was able to solve her problem and she was grateful and offered thanks and well wishes for our journey.

Ashland offers a free show called the Green Show that we also enjoyed before our play so that was really nice. We saw an all female mariachi band they were really good and audience participation was spot on with many folks dancing salsa or cha cha.

The lady Brad helped was able to get a last minute ticket. My understanding is at 7:00 pm and hour before the show starts you can buy what ever seats are left over for $45.00. I think that is a great deal. I hope when we settle down in Portland we will go see many plays. We enjoyed the local theater in Moutain View and in Half Moon Bay on occasion.

We also hope to take dance lessons. It was really fun to see the audience get up and dance especially the folks who obviously knew how to dance.

We learned that pretty affordable accommodations can be had in nearby Medford so if you want to see a play but can’t afford a hotel in Ashland, Medford is about ten miles up the road.


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