Crater Lake National Park, Oregon August and September 2016

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon August and September 2016

Brad really wanted to visit Crater Lake National Park, and several times when driving to Portland it came up as a possibility but it never worked out. Well this time in was on the definite plan so we did actually make it.

With the smokey sky’s south and west from the “Gap” fire we decided to get out of the area. Since Crater Lake was on the plan we just headed up a bit early. But because of the holiday weekend it actually worked out nicely.

Crater Lake is a collapsed volcanic mountain that has filled with water. It is really pretty amazing and the water is super blue. It is the deepest lake in the United States.

For a National Park it is pretty small so we were able to see much of it during our stay.

The highlight for me was our hike to Garfield Peak which was easy and short for us. About 3.5 miles round trip. In addition to seeing four deer along the way we really enjoyed the spectacular views on both sides of the crater. It was just so lovely.

I also enjoyed the ranger lead hike up to Watchman Peak. All of the national parks offer lectures in the afternoons and evenings for free. I found this to be a really nice added benefit when staying, if the program is interesting. Watchman Peak at sunset was lovely and the ranger was funny as well as interesting.
We camped at Crater Lake for six nights and our campsite was nice, really big, and worked well for us. It did get quite cold overnight, down to 30 degrees or so. We just kept trying to figure out how to keep warm by readjusting our sleeping bags, blankets, night clothes…it worked out okay but of course it is funny when the condensation from your breath freezes on your sleeping bag. Brrrrr!

I realize I have been slow to post lately, I apologize. We haven’t had internet while camping. But the good news is that we are getting close to the third leg of our journey and it should be very exciting.  I hope for many great stories and lots of great photos.

There will again be some times when I won’t have internet so thanks for your patience and I will keep trying to do my best when I have the chance.


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