Mora Campground Olympic National Park August 2016

Mora Campground Olympic National Park August 2016

Our campsite at Mora Campground is basically the best campsite I have ever experienced. We selected site #29 in loop “B” and I love, love, love it.

Set in the rain forest the site is kinda “T” shaped with parking the picnic table and fire pit on the tail of the “T” and tent sites at the top of each arm of the “T”. Our tent is tucked in under very tall pine trees and surrounded by ferns. It is so dark at night it is impossible to see your hand in front of your face.

We are just outside of the town of Forks Washington which is the setting for the popular books in the vampire series Twilight. I have to books on my Kindle but hadn’t read them so I decided to try Twilight out. It’s fun to be in the location the book is set in but I can’t say much for the story line. I am not super into kids fiction. Although I did really like Hunger Games so who knows maybe this story will grow on me.Hiking here has been okay. We drove up to the rain forest but only got in about 3-4 miles since they only had two smaller loops it one big 17 mile back country hike. I am not able to hike 17 miles really.

When we were at Lake Louise Brad and I noticed that we never stop for a break at all. When we were walking around cities in Europe or in Turkey and Jordan we just walked for six hours until we had seen all we expected to see then we would go have lunch/dinner and our day was normally done and so were we. We are doing the same thing when hiking and sometimes it doesn’t work well for me. When we were at  Lake Louise hiking up to the Tea House I got very cranky as we approached the top. I was tired, thirsty, and hungry. We had hiked about 4 miles with a 1300 foot elevation gain. So I was really feeling cranky. We talked about it and I let Brad know I felt I needed a break when we did long hikes every couple of miles.  We tried this out when hiking up to Stanley Glacier and it worked well. We also fueled up well right before the hike instead of waiting until we hit the top of the trail to have a snack so that also made a big difference in my attitude.

In any case when we first arrived we went over to Rialto Beach and walked to the end. I was very sorry I wore flip flops and not real shoes. The terrain was pretty rocky and my feet were super sore by the time we arrived back at the car. The beaches here are really neat. There are huge rocks in the ocean and lots of drift wood all over the place. I liked Second Beach near the town of La Push the best.  To get to that beach there is a short hike through the forest with a great pay off when it opens up onto the beach. The beach itself is deep and sandy with lovely “sea stacks” just of shore. The sea stacks are like big rock island the jut out of the ocean often they have trees on top. They are really lovely. We saw a few people camping on the beach, we also saw a black tail deer in the forest. Overall it was just a great hike. If I were to do it again I would bring a lunch and my book and make a day of it.

We also visited First Beach that day as well and it was quite pretty. Very different from neighboring Rialto Beach in that there was a lot more sand.

Other day trips from our campsite included a hike up to Sol Duc falls. It was short and really pretty but kind of a long drive from our campsite for such a short hike. It was less that two miles round trip. We decided to take a moment to meditate near the river a over the falls and that was really nice too.


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