Portland, Oregon August 2016

Portland, Oregon August 2016

Brad and I began making plans for travel back in late 2014. It took a lot of planning to make a year long journey to happen. Mainly saving money but also just deciding where we wanted to go and what to see and so on.

Of course back in 2014 we didn’t know that by August of 2016 I would have a new born grandson in my life. I was very fortunate that I could be in the delivery room with my daughter Madeline during the delivery. I didn’t plan to be there because I was sure I couldn’t deal well with my child’s pain and I didn’t want my anxiety to be a distraction, but as it turned out I dealt okay with her pain but more importantly I was there to witness her extraordinary strength. It was an amazing experience.

I was also able to witness my older daughter Alexs grace, calm and incredible focus as she worked with Madeline to help her with labor and delivery and when working with the birth team at the hospital as an advocate for Madeline.

I have always felt very proud of my kids and being in the delivery room was a reaffirmation of what I have know for years. My daughters are incredible women.

So I am feeling very fortunate that I am here in Portland for a short while and that I can be with my family.  We have been laughing because my beautiful granddaughter has been asking about my home and we have had to tell here I don’t have a home. This of course seems pretty funny to all but it is a weird thing to think about. So much of our lives depend on having an address. There are really no institutions that don’t require an address.  It makes me feel happy that I have resources but I can’t imagine how difficult it would be if I were in a different position.  Of course I will come home get settled and have a place to live once we get back. A place I can invite my granddaughter to so she can visit. Since she is only two right now she won’t remember the time I was without a home to call my own.


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